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Under Construction......

You could be a Biker Chick if........

....your house is a mess but you could eat off the garage floor. spend all your spare money on things for your bike and can't remember the last time you bought an outfit for yourself.

....the dishsoap is in the bathroom-for washing your hands-not next to the giant pile of dishes in the kitchen.

....if you do NOT have a giant pile of dishes in the kitchen it is because you have a giant pile of pizza boxes!

....when you take your empties back you can get another case AND money back.'ve ever had a guy complain you spend all your free time working on your bike.

....your guy buddies refer to you as "Bro" make Yuppies nervous. know every counter guy in every bike shop in the city.

....your legs are whiter than Casper's ass, even in August

....any hairdo you may have involves rubber bands.

....a guy giving you a socket set or a torque wrench for your birthday does NOT piss you off.

....a guy giving you chocolates and flowers DOES can read a wiring schematic even if drunk.

....going into Walmart gives you nightmares but you'll get up at 7am for a swap meet. try to get dressed up and cannot find two matching shoes, and your makeup is all dried up in the bottle. DO get dressed up and your friends don't recognize you. have used your new bath brush to wash your bike. bring pictures of your bike into work to show people and call them your "Baby pictures".

Here are some women's MC's in the States, great sites. Bimbos and Barbies are a dime a dozen, these women are the Real Deal. As a wise woman on the Helkats site noted "This ain't a fashion show!" ;-)



The AMA (American Motorcycle Association) stated that "99% of the people at their events were god fearing and family oriented. The other 1% were hard riding, hard partying, non mainstream type people". Thus the term 1%er was born. Some of the early bikers embraced the term and decided to call themselves 1%ers.

It did not mean that they were law breakers or low life individuals. They were simply people that rode their motorcycles seven days a week in all kinds of weather, liked to drink and raise a little hell.

Surf by BEACON OF LIGHT animal rescue. It's privately run, biker lady Debbie rescues and rehabs all sorts of critters, from dogs to racoons and eagles. There's lots of wisdom on her site, if you find yourself with a wild beastie in need you can find out what to do (and not to do) to help it out, so you might want to bookmark it. Donations of food, blankets and good old fashioned cash are welcome, too. Big Cheers to you Deb, and Thank You for helping the broken Blackbird that crashed on my lawn-I know she's in good hands with you and I had a great time at your place :-)

AND if you find an injured Turtle on the road in your travels please stop to help the little guy (or gal). They have a real hard time outrunning cars! Check out TURTLE HAVEN for information on what to do. Do NOT try to glue the shell or put a turtle with a cracked shell in water. Angie takes in hurt and unwanted turtles, her place is covered with them, her and her man Bruce were great fun and gave me a tour of the place when I dropped off "Brokeass" the Turtle, for some shell repair. Maybe you have an old tank lying around that Angie could house a turtle in, or some cash to kick in...? Big cheers to you both!

It takes a LOT of time, energy and money for people like this to rehabilitate these animals and they do it without financial grants or a lot of help. They give freely to the animals, so if you can please give freely to them. You probably have things in your basement they'd find very handy if you have no spare cash in your pocket! THANKS!

Wall of Shame...

Eddy Demolition and Excavation

I painted their truck for them. The kind of customer you just love dealing with....gets the vehicle here late, gets the artwork here even later, a very very faded smudged version of what she wanted...then changes her mind after the lettering is on the back and clearcoated. "Can you wipe that off?"

OH SURE...NO PROBLEM! LMFAO....if paint just "wiped off" what would all our vehicles look like after a rainstorm? Like....DUH! I'm going to spare the details but it gets funnier.....Didn't like the rose I painted, the stem actually looked like a rose stem, little leaves and thorns included-well shame on me....she wanted a "green line" she tells me-later. And in the end, after all this fun, she bounces her cheque.

That's OK.....people like that is what Karma is for ;-)

Now I'm going to do ALL custom painters (and prospective customers!) a favour and outline how to, and NOT to, deal with us. If there is a deadline for getting the vehicle back get it to the painter when you said you would, not the next day at midnight. This also goes for any artwork you will be emailing them to work from. Make sure the artwork you supply is actually legible and usable. Be SURE of what you want...if you change your mind paint does not "wipe off". Now...if the painter makes a mistake they will sand it down and redo it til it's right, but NOT simply because you changed your mind. Expect extra time and expense for that. Be SPECIFIC, do you want a rose (which will get you something that actually looks like a rose) or a cartoon rose or a line drawing of a rose? In any case most painters cannot read minds, if you are not sure how to explain your idea and can't draw a stick man that's OK, just google a few images and find something close, then bring that, explaining any changes you might want. If you're really not sure-WAIT! I like to sit down with the customer and sketch out their design so they can give me input as we go and arrive at exactly what they'll like. We DO want customers to be happy with our work and we want to get things done when we said we would....we DO need the customer to cooperate in order to do this. I've never had anyone unhappy with my work.....never mind bouncing their cheque...and next time someone flip-flops, even once, in my shop I am going to send them away and spare myself the aggravation, there's lots of nice people out there who know what they want to do work for :-)

Got a "Wall of Shame" nominee? Lemme know and I'll post them up here!

CraZee'z Last Word...

What is UP with this summer?

I don't mind a bit of rain but this year has been ridiculous!

In Memory of...

Smudge 1991-2004

Very missed, always loved. My "Best Ever". Solid, smart, prone to attack, such a character. The best friend anyone could ask for, always cheered me up, and guarded the house like a dog. She could've taught a lot of people what "Solid" really is! I miss you baby kitten, you gave me a great 13 years! Til we meet again, Kid!